Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More reasons we need to have Komoka Trails

Lani Running the Marathon in Rio

Thanks to all of you who have taken a couple minutes out of your day to write to Parks Ontario (aka Parking Lot Ontario)
This is a letter to Ms.Card from Lani's mom and fellow Soiled Sport trail  runner, Mary Lou.
Dear Rhonda,

I have lived in London, Ontario since 1989, having moved here from Windsor, On.

As you know, or if you are not aware... Windsor is flat.

One of the most beautiful things about London, are the trails and forests.

I have run in Komoka trails since I moved here, as well as my children, and other family and friends.

My daughter Lanni Marchant would use Komoka to train for cross country and track and field.

She just raced the 10k and 46 hours later, the Marathon at the Rio Olympics , representing Canada and London, Ontario proudly. 🇨🇦

Now you have basically closed the park. Parking fees? Really?
Not sure who this helps, certainly not the public .

I raised 7 children on my own, in London, without child support. They have all become incredible athletes , my oldest was on the National Team with Skate Canada in singles and pairs. My second youngest graduated last year In a Masters Program at University of Detroit Mercy, on a full scholarship in track and field.

And then now Lanni, an Olympian.

They all ran in the Komoka trails.

I'm glad to have enjoyed the trail before you did this. I can't afford to run there now. Now I have 5 grandchildren who will not be able to enjoy the park and trails.

What will other families do?

This is sad beyond words.

You should reconsider this decision .


Mary Lou M.


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