Friday, April 28, 2017

Komoka Defiance Trail Run

Taking Back Komoka Trail

I have been asked, ever so politely by some guy with a clip board, to add the Komoka Trail  back to our schedule, as it is the trail that we started this crazy addiction called trail running.
BUT.... I do not want to give in to the money grab of parking to access the trail.
After reviewing the options, I am suggesting we park on the south side of Oxford Street just east of Woodhull Road. (please note map above)
There is a wide shoulder and this is were the 'No Parking' signs end.
It will add 200 meters of road till we access the  trail  at our old starting point of the parking lot that is now closed off to make way for the pay to park lot on Gideon Drive.

Also you will note that the Elgin Trail from St.Thomas to Port Stanley has been added. 
This run was a great success last year but did require some logistics and coordination. 
If the response to this is not good, it may be changed to a local trail instead. So, your feed back is required.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Soiled Sport 2017 Season is Up and Running

Week #1 Season Opener @ Meadowlilly Trail

Week #2 @ Fanshawe Lake Trail
Even after days of rain, Fanshawe Trail was pretty good....
till you got to the creek

Most of the group did the entire 20km loop of the lake