Friday, July 24, 2015

Lanni Marchant Canadian Marathoner, American criminal trial lawyer, burger connoisseur & lover of beer

Marylou H. one of our trail runners is the mother of one of Canada's fastest marathon runners and now bronze medal winner at the Pan Am Games 10,000 meter event.
We are proud of all of our competing athletes but it is even better when you have a home town athlete doing great things. 
Congratulations Lanni, the only thing you need now is to win the Vulture Bait 50km Trail Race to make your race resume complete. Your mom knows one of the race directors so she has pull on getting you in, as there is less than 40 spots left open.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The things you find when pee'ing in the woods

Our Trail Guide, Carl K, now adds this section of trail on, so he can show a tree that he found one day trail running at Meadowlily Trail as he stopped to water the flowers.
It seems this is how most of our trail trivia spots are found.
So, next time you are in Meadowlily stop and have a look, but don't touch the grass.
Just saying!

Monday, July 6, 2015

It's a Ride not a Race!

MEC 60km & 100km Bike Ride

July 5th was a perfect day to do something outdoors, or so I thought. The day before, in one of my lapses of good judgment I thought it would be fun to do the MEC 60km bike ride. (it's a ride not a race!)
So I dusted off my 18 speed mountain bike that I have not been on in 5 years that I loaned to my brother (who evidently has not been on it for some while as well).
I was so prepared in my pre-race bike maintenance I put air in the some what flat tires. But should have actually seen if the handle grip shifters worked.
So Sunday morning I join up with around 250 cyclists, who were sporting race jerseys, shoes that clip into the pedals, padded spandex shorts and bikes that would need a car loan to purchase. So me in my singlet, running shorts and trail running shoes, made me feel real special. And not in a good way, more like special needs.
The great thing at the start was I caught up with Bruce 'crazy legs' Pellow and Jim Gilchrist, both former trail runners and London Pacers who had migrated over to cycling. I wish I could say they gave me encouragement, but no....they too got a laugh in at my expense.
The 100km (it's not a race) ride started at 9:00 am, the time we usually, as trail runners, are scraping off mud to go for coffee.
Jim Gilchrist was at the lead pack, sparing any poor soul who may have been in front of him, getting run over. Competitive? Jim? Nooooo.
Fellow trail runners Nancy R. and Diana T. were qued up in line for the 60km as well, both with proper attire and bikes. They at least did not laugh in my face as did Bill W. did when he seen me, and Mark and Emma who were driving the sweep vehicle laughed saying they would be looking at my ass for 60km.
It was a great morning for the ride (it's not a race) and found out very early that my gear shifter worked only when it felt like it or when I had to stop pedaling to kick it.
MEC as always, made this a great event as there was aid stations and enthusiastic volunteers to cheer everyone on.
It was so nice to come across the finish to have Bill and LuLu give that look of WTF? 
Guess the inside bet was I would be done by night fall if at all.
Nancy was already in the Beer Garden cheering on riders between sips.

Well who would do any kind of race unless there were beverages at the end. Nancy and Diana looking way to fresh after a 60km (it's not a race) ride.

Enthusiastic trail runner volunteers, Mahnaz and Bill at the Start/Finish

Friday, July 3, 2015

Trail Kickers at Kains Woods Trail