Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Trail Series

Let's get this party started!!

Kiss winter goodbye, spring has sprung and even monkey pants has come out of hibernation.

Saturday March 27th we will start our 2010 series of trail runs around the London area.

Some things will remain the same, like having a laugh at other peoples expense, and poking fun at Carl for being so uptight on leaving on time, but one thing has changed.

The 'Black Ball' is what you want to get this time.

Each week all runners who show up at the designated trail will be asked to pull a ball from the orange pail white ones go back in and the black one is a keeper you get to hold on till the end of the season.

This will be critical to who wins the coveted trail running jacket. (guaranteed to make you pee your pants)

March 27th will be Meadowlilliy Trails, off Commisioners Road one block east of Highbury Ave.

Google map link when you click the title block above picture.