Friday, July 22, 2011

The Limberlost Challenge

The Limberlost Challenge or TLC for short, is a 14, 28, 42 & 56 km trail race in the Huntsville area. Beautiful area with some great trails that have a bit of everything. Hills, hills, switchbacks, a little mud, rock, and heat.

As long as you kept running the deer flys were not a problem, but you dare not stop to long at aid stations.

I think I speak for the group of us that went, it is a race worth doing, good course, well marked trails and friendly race directors and volunteers.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Creemore Vertical Challenge 2011

Photo's courtesy of Judy Wilson

The race you love to hate, Creemore Vertical Challenge.

After about 4 km of rolling roads and trails that has you sweating profusely, you come to a sign that says "Hill #1" Ha ha ha, very funny, until you notice that it is a two km gravel road that stops short of flight paths of airplanes.

As you trudge along cursing the race director, you come to other amusing signs,

"Hill #2, O2 hill"but should have said lack of oxygen hill.

The humidity started to kick in about this point so every breath seemed short of needed oxygen.

On the plus side, there was some beautiful homes and farms along the way that made you think that somebody out there has some money.

The views from the vistas, when you finally got to the top of the hills were spectacular, but soon reminded you that you will have to come down from these lofty places to only climb to another.

Temperatures were in the +30's with a humidex closer to +40, and it did take a toll on runners.

Smart ones pulled the pin and called it quites while others were whisked away for medical attention by ambulance.

By focusing on my heart rate monitor I managed to keep myself on a steady pace to ensure I would be able to sit in the Mad River at the finish line sipping my Creemore Pilsner as my finish line award.

Bill Wheeler pulled out a fantastic race winning age group and 4th overall. And I was not to far behind, if you use a calendar rather than a stop watch.

Next OUS race is Limberlost in Huntsville, will have to see if they have a beer sponsor before I sign up.