Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It seems like only weeks ago we were wishing for the snow to go away.
What happened to the summer? Heck where was Spring?
Well, we have a couple great things coming up in regard to trail running.
1) Vulture Bait Trail Race on October 17th. Another year we have sold out months in advance.

2) Champagne & Mars Bar Trail Run to wrap up another running season. It is also the one run we see people we only see come out when there is the promise of alcohol and chocolate.

3) When the clocks change our weekly Wednesday night trail run at Komoka turns into a night run, and we get to try out our new and improved headlamps. Just at the start of deer hunting season too, so please refrain from your tan coloured toque with the white pom-pom. You know... like the one I bought for my wife.