Monday, October 27, 2014

Champagne And Mars Bars

Trail Runners Will Run For Booze and Chocolate

Our Soiled Sport Trail Series, Season Ending Run

As in past years we seem to have the best turnout for our Champagne and Mars Bar run to celebrate a season of great trail running. 
We had around 44 people out for our run this year, some of them I have never seen before and some I have not seen since last years season end'r. (Tracey and Steve)
Thanks to all for showing up and hope to see you out on Wednesday evening for our night runs at Komoka (headlamps will be needed), and for Saturdays winter runs now exclusively at Medaway Trail till March.
Due to some trail restrictions at Medaway Trail we may have to alter the route some what. But we will review this Saturday to see what makes the best and easiest solution.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hallucination Aid Station at the Vulture Bait Trail Races

Tempting Runners With Cigars and Beer

What was reported to race officials at this years Vulture Bait Trail Races was almost unbelievable to the ear.
What is believed to be the work of road runners trying to make trail running less appealing may have back fired, as we all know that Vulture Bait Trail Runners have a number of vices, and beer is one of them.
These hooligans set up a water station a 100 meters before our aid station #4 at around the 20 km point, with cups of assorted beers and boxes of cigars.
The Vulture Bait Race organizers are now looking for them, as now that they have started it, they are encouraged to do it again next year as runners will be expecting it.
Thanks to Martin D., Ross W., Alicia D., and Lennard D. for creating a 'buzz' for the Vulture Bait Trail Race.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pass it on.

The Turkey Trot has grown to be a great success even with little advertising, as 300 runners young and old get out on the Thanksgiving morning to show off their Cross Country skills.

If you have friends, family or co-workers with kids that are into or want to try Cross Country please forward this on.

Also Bill W. is looking for volunteers on race day, so if you can help out please note the details below.

Looking for volunteers and runners for the London Pacers Turkey Trot. Please contact Bill Wheeler at if you can volunteer between 9am - noon at Springbank Park. 

This is a great event! Springbank Park. Thanksgiving Monday
Race date: Monday October 13, 2014
Race time: 2K at 10:00am
                 6K at 10:20am
Place: Main picnic pavilion in Springbank Park
2k Race - focus is for elementary school children but everyone is welcome to
             -  the race is a 2k loop on grass at the west end of Springbank Park
6k Race - focus is for high school kids and adults. Again everyone is welcome.
             - the race is one 6k loop partially on grass, some hardpacked trail and
               some single track technical trail.
Registration: on line at
                   at the race site beginning at 8:30am
Cost: $5 for the 2K and $10 for the 6K
         (additional fee: $0.50 for the 2K, $0.85 for the 6K for online registration)

Monday, September 29, 2014

If you get lost in your own back yard, you may be interested in this.

During the week of September 20th I had the chance to travel with Danny and Bill to the Haliburton Forest to do some orienteering using map and compass to find certain peaks in this huge wildlife reserve.
Danny has been orienteering for a number of years and has participated in numerous races around Ontario, so he thought maybe he could talk a few of his trail running friends to learn the art of finding your way with only a compass and topographical map, and maybe put a team together for an upcoming event in the Ancaster area.
Well, anyone who has run with either Bill or Danny knows that they have a screw loose when it comes to challenges on a trail run.
So, there I was trying to keep up to them as they scramble up rock faces, through streams and down ravines. To say my arthritic old knees may have let me now that they did not like the routes selected, would be an under statement.
So a team has been formed for a race on November 9th,(team Moose Dynasty) and now all I need to do is tie a rope to either one of them to drag this old grey haired man behind to keep up.

There has been interest by others who would like to learn how do orienteering using only map and compass, not so much for races but for the possible upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.
If you are interested Danny said he would gladly do a "orienteering 101" to learn the basics.
It would be done locally on a Saturday or Sunday so there would be no travel issues and should anyone get lost, they wont have a problem to get back on course. Probably looking at dates in November.
If this interests you let me know: and we will try to get a few dates to select from.
Wolf Lake
 Bill reviewing his map, as someone put a lake in our path.
Breakfast of champions

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Westminster Ponds Wildlife Warning

Ooop's I misread the e-mail, thought she said cougars.

Received an e-mail that there was reported sightings of coyotes in Westminster Ponds and persons using the trails should do so with caution. Also, should you be running with your dog, this may attract the coyote.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Loonie Toonie 200KM Trail Run

 This was forward to me from Gary C. thinking maybe there was someone just itching to do a 200k race.
Unfortunately I am sleeping in that day.
1. 2 for 1!  We are offering 2 to come for the price of 1, that's $750 for two, or $375 each!  Great deal considering we just had a professional consultant value our LT race at $2000!!!!  We are also still honoring the early bird price at $550 for one.

2.  Refer a friend!  If you refer a friend (this means you), we will offer you cash back or $100 off your own entry fee!  So I could send you a check for $100 or take $100 off the entry fee when you are able to race with use.  

Monday, June 30, 2014

July 5th Fanshawe Cottage Run from Casa Del Mannering

Our retired Toronto fireman and fellow trail kicker , Mark M. has made the mistake of asking if he could host the July 5th Fanshawe Run from his summer home on Fanshawe Lake.

As you may recall he also had the Vulture Bait Race water station posted and manned from here last year.

So, I have a link to a Google Map that will get you to within  a few meters of his cottage, so please click this link: Mannering Cottage for general directions.

Please bring a lawn chair for after as we will have beverages and munchies available. And to show our thanks I would ask that if we each brought something to add to the table, it would be a nice gesture. 

Start time is 8:01 AM as usual.
Please Carry Water.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Woo Hoo Danny Get's an X-Ray

It's true!
Danny took a fall last week on the trail and had to have x-rays done.
I will leave the findings up to you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If You Cant Show Up For a Run

At Least Have a Good Excuse

On May 10th Tomas D. was absent, but he did contact me with a good reason why.... he was in Russia.
And for those of us who know him expect that if there is a challenge to be had on his business excursions, he will find and conquer.
The following pictures were sent from Tomas from his climb of Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. (5,642m / 18,519ft)
And all we did was run Fanshawe.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Recruiting new members in Gettysburg 

This fellow was looking to join the Soiled Sport Series but when he heard that Richard D. ran the series, he declined as they were in the same age group and felt the Texan would whip his ass.

Sue and Nancy sporting the hardware after ATB
Poor Nancy trained all winter long for ATB but her training runs were short by 30 meters, and she hit the wall just before the finish line.

Soiled Sport Series
Run #1
Meadowlilly Trail 
April 12th

Friday, April 4, 2014

Soiled Sport Trail Series 2014

Well it's about time!

We here at Soiled Sport head office, are pleased to announce the start date of the much anticipated Fat Ass Trail Series 2014.
It all begins Saturday April 12th at Meadowlilly Trails.
Located off of Commissioners Road, just east of Meadowlilly Road, across from the big empty building formerly known as Rona. Drive down to the bottom of the hill and park along the side of the road where it dead ends at the river. Or click on the 'Directions' link on the right hand side of this page and you will see all trail locations on Google Maps.
Start time is 8:01 am
Distance is approximately 10Km

All 30 weeks will be posted in the right hand column. 

Please remember this is all 'Fat Ass Style' running: No water stations, No volunteers, No sympathy

Fat Ass events started back in the late 70's when a runner was fed up with rising costs of running a race and the rising costs of holding a race.

There are three basic rules to a Fat Ass event:
  1. No fees (although we will be doing a 50/50 draw that will have the winning ticket holder split the take at the series end with a charity)

  2. No awards

  3. No whining
And you get what you pay for, no shirts, no aid stations and no sympathy.
As in previous years, the rules I just dream up after a drunken stooper, such as:
  • 10 points for completing a Saturday trail run
  • 10 points for volunteering for a London Pacer hosted event
  • 10 bonus points for wearing Soiled Sport/Vulture Bait/London Pacer shirts, when instructed via this blog before the trail run
  • 25 points for wearing Victoria Secret or LaZenza sports wear. (sorry Bill, woman only)
  • Extra bonus points for attempting to bribe me with cheesecake, booze and winning lottery tickets

How To Be An Ultra Runner