Monday, October 27, 2014

Champagne And Mars Bars

Trail Runners Will Run For Booze and Chocolate

Our Soiled Sport Trail Series, Season Ending Run

As in past years we seem to have the best turnout for our Champagne and Mars Bar run to celebrate a season of great trail running. 
We had around 44 people out for our run this year, some of them I have never seen before and some I have not seen since last years season end'r. (Tracey and Steve)
Thanks to all for showing up and hope to see you out on Wednesday evening for our night runs at Komoka (headlamps will be needed), and for Saturdays winter runs now exclusively at Medaway Trail till March.
Due to some trail restrictions at Medaway Trail we may have to alter the route some what. But we will review this Saturday to see what makes the best and easiest solution.


Jeff Rowell said...

Thanks to Larry, and Bill, and Louise, and Danny, and Micheal, and Tomas, and Simona, and Nora and Siri, and Tulli (and everyone else whose name I have misspelled or forgotten) for leading laffing and occasionally lapping on the trails.

Ian Aseltine said...

Where is the meeting spot for these Medway trails?