Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Trail Running Etiquette

I am sure you already do all the above anyhow....
This poster was prepared by the University of Iowa health department and was featured on a trail running post that I follow and thought was worth sharing.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Now More Than Ever!!

Check the Labels 

With the world COVID-19 pandemic straining everything we do, we need to help our nation and fellow Canadians to rebound as quick as possible.

Yes, our federal and provincial governments are aiding with billions of dollars of aid to laid of workers and companies affected from being non-essential, to help with the social distancing.
But this money is not from a secret stash and we all know that it will be asked for in the near future as increases in sales tax and reduction of services.

So,when it comes to your purchasing decisions, take time to check the label and see where it was fabricated, made or sourced.
This alone will help businesses get to have their employees back to work, a kick start to the economy we need to have.
(One thing that peeves me off when I check the label and all it says is "Prepared for Loblaws/Sobies/Metro" as it could have been prepared anywhere in the world and we wont know where.)

No, I am  not advocating boycotting any other nations goods or services, but this simple task  will help Canada's economy get back on some sort of "new normal"even sooner.

Stay safe, and will see you on the trails soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

2020 Season on Hold

The 2020 Soiled Sport Trail Running Season is on HOLD

Due to COVID 19, we here at Soiled Sport HQ, have decided that it wise to put all SOILED SPORT organized trail runs on hold.
When things get under control, we will have a new start up date and resume our organized schedule.

La saison de course à pied sur piste sportive 2020 est suspendue
En raison de COVID 19, nous, au siège de Soiled Sport, avons décidé qu'il était sage de suspendre toutes les courses organisées par SOILED SPORT.
Lorsque les choses seront sous contrôle, nous aurons une nouvelle date de démarrage et reprendrons notre programme organisé.

La temporada 2020 de Running Soiled Sport Trail está en ESPERA
Debido a COVID 19, aquí en Soiled Sport HQ, hemos decidido poner en espera todas las carreras organizadas por SOILED SPORT.
Cuando las cosas estén bajo control, tendremos una nueva fecha de inicio y reanudaremos nuestro horario organizado.

由于COVID 19,我们在这里的土壤运动总部已经决定,明智的做法是暂缓所有SOILED SPORT组织的越野跑。
2020 Nián āng zāng de yùndòng yuèyě pǎo jìjié jíjiāng jǔxíng
yóuyú COVID 19, wǒmen zài zhèlǐ de tǔrǎng yùndòng zǒngbù yǐjīng juédìng, míngzhì de zuòfǎ shì zhànhuǎn suǒyǒu SOILED SPORT zǔzhī de yuèyě pǎo.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Exercising Social Responsibility

Things are going to be difficult for a while, until this COVID 19 gets under control.

Please keep physical distances from others.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The 2020 Soiled Sport Trail Running Season Starts on March 28th

March 7th Was a Great Trail Run Morning

The infamous creek crossing at Medway Forest Trail
Thanks to a few days of cold temps kept the creek low for easy crossing.
A few of the runners showing their balance and core strength balancing on the rocks.