Monday, September 25, 2023

Turkey Trot 2023

Enter Early On Line

Please Pass This on to Friends and Family


Saturday, April 1, 2023

April Fools Trail Run at Meadowlily


This is the "Bent Tree" that I bored the group with a story of how they were made by Indians and early settlers to mark trails and show direction of safe crossings of rivers.
This is a link to the YouTube video on the subject.

The trails were relatively dry on the higher sections but under water on the lower sections.
This is the steep gully known as Big Muddy and it earned its name this morning.
I am sad to report no one did a face plant.

The proverbial group shot of most of the group.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Charlies Tree at Komoka Trails

The picture above is a tree along a seldom used trail in Komoka Park, and is known as Charlies Tree.

A number of years ago when running the trail, I stepped off the trail  to.... how do I say politely.... water the bushes.

A stepped behind this tree to find a leather dog leash and a letter in a plastic sleeve nailed to the trunk.

It was a letter from a dog owner to his departed dog (named Charlie) that told of a loyal and trusty trail loving dog that accompanied him on the trails for a number of years and how he missed him.

The letter was getting pretty weathered so I mad it a point to get a new plastic sleeve to better save this loving letter from a bereaved dog owner. 

This I did and made it a point to always stop and check things out whenever I was on the trail. 

(Unfortunately even after doing this, the paper rotted away from being exposed to the elements earlier and is no longer there)

It was also made a regular stop for the trail group to  stop and check it out, as we had a number  of runners including myself that had our four legged best friends run trails with us.

When our dog, Tigger, passed away 10 years ago, we spread her ashes nearby and nailed her collar along side Charlies leash.

As the years ticked away, other trail runners 4 legged friends passed away and they too nailed their collars or leashes along side as a tribute to a best friend.

Now there are 5 collar/leashes displayed on the tree, where we can stop and remember fondly our trail running buddies.

It is in a nice spot in the park that unless you know where to look, you may never find it. 

But the next time we run Komoka Trails we will do a detour to show it off to all of our new trail runners.


Thursday, November 24, 2022

Saturday Morning Winter Trail Runs

 Just a heads up.....

The Saturday morning trail runs are at our winter hiatus location: Medway Forest Trails starting at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology parking lot located at 1600 Attawandaron Rd off of Wonderland just south of Fanshawe Park Road.

Google Map to the Museum

Monday, October 31, 2022

Winter Hiatus Location

 As of  November 5th 2022, we will revert to our winter hiatus location, Medaway Forest Trail.

We do this, as most of our other trail locations do not have snow removal and there are days we spend more time pushing cars out of snow drifts than we do running.

The Museum of Ontario Archeological, 1600 Attawandaron Rd, London, ON parking lot that is at the trail head is generally plowed of snow, so we take advantage of this.

Google Map Link to Medway Forest Trails

Friday, October 28, 2022

It's "Champagne and Mars Bar Trail Run" Time

 Yes, its our favorite time of the trail running season when we get chocolate and bubbly wine at the finish line.

When and where: Saturday October 29th at Komoka Trails

Start time: as always is 8:01 AM

Distance: Full loop is about 9.5kms but can be cut short for those who want to get to the chocolate and booze before the speedsters.

Please note that we park on Oxford Street West, just before Woodhull Road and the United Church

This is our protest to the pay for parking installed a few years ago.