Wednesday, September 13, 2017

St.Thomas 2 Port Stanley via Elgin Trail

It's hard to believe that it has been three...YES...three months since we did the Elgin Trail Run from St.Thomas to Port Stanley.
Just scroll back to the June posting to see the pictures taken along the rail, no wonder we return.
Again we will meet at 184 Sunset Drive in St. Thomas, as the trail head we will go in on is just behind these buildings.
There is a gas station and a restaurant in this plaza and we park just on the south side.
It is about 20 km from White Oaks to give you an estimated drive time required.
As before we will figure out the logistics when we find out how man are running the St.Thomas to Port and those (like myself) who will drive to the arena in Port Stanley and hike in for an out and back trail hike.
REMEMBER...this is a self supported run, so please carry water and anything else you need to do a very hilly 16+ km trail run.
And if you run behind Terry you will do more hills than the rest. Just sayin!

Please have a change of shoes and clothes that you want at the end of the run or hike so the person(s) doing the shuttling back will not end up with a car that smells like a trail runners gym bag.
Also, a number of people have stayed in Port to have brunch, so that may be an option to consider.

For those who wish to stay close to home, Kains Woods is the option. (Medway is closed to us this weekend due to a big Pow Wow)

Friday, August 4, 2017

What is this number? 63,900

This is the number of site visits to our blog since we started this up.
Our trail mailing list is also now over 100.
If I take out the ones who don't show up, moved away or have restraining orders against me, I am sure the number would be greatly reduced.
Thanks to all of you for making this not only a top 50 blog, but the best group to run with...period.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Top 50 Trail Running Blog

Selected by Feed Spot as one of the top 50 Trail Running Blogs.

I am sure it was the high quality writing that did it!
That and the incredible photography of course.
Maybe .....that it is due to the high caliber and elite trail runners who visit the blog on a regular basis to get peak performance tips on trail running and nutrition.
So, I guess we now have to strive to be in the top 10 next.
I will check the mailbox regularly now to see if the medal has arrived and I am sure a hefty cheque as well.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Canada Day Trail Run

In total 30 runners finally showed to do the Canada Day Trail Run
Komoka Trail - Ours to Recover

Wheelers hopes to do 150 'Rookie Hill' repeats may have fallen a bit short of the goal, but some of these crazy bastards gave it their best shot.

Bill was one of the recipients for the best Canada Day running out fit. 
He only won because everyone was a little nervous having children or pets around someone dressed like this.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What a beautiful day to be on the trails

Elgin Trail - Port Stanley out and back option
Sara, Cathy and myself 
(we are hiding, bet you can't see us)

Elgin Trail - St. Thomas to Port Stanley
Runners: Robert, Lyle, Terry, Bonnie and Blair

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 24th Elgin Trail St.Thomas to Port Stanley

We will meet at 184 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas.
Here is a Google Map link to where we will meet up, at the trail entrance.

There is a gas station and restaurant (both I believe are still closed)  but there is parking here as the trail entrance is just behind these buildings.

It is about 20km from White Oaks Mall to give you an estimated drive time.
We will figure out the logistics when we find out how many are running from St. Thomas to Port Stanley and those of us who are going to Port Stanley to do a hike/run an out and back as we did last year.
Please have a change of clothes as we have also done a brunch afterward, plus the erso who is schutteling you back to your car would really appreciate a clean dry body on their genuine Corinthian leather.