Monday, July 16, 2018

Dirty Dozen Questionnaire

I had mentioned I was going to send out a list of questions to each of our Soiled Sport Trail Running Group.
Figured I would lead off with what it look like, by answering the questions myself.
I hope whn you get the questionnaire in your inbox, you will take the time to share your answers.
Photo's are welcome as well

The Soiled Sport Dirty Dozen Questionnaire

Name: Larry G.
Years Trail Running: 20+
1.       What got you into trail running?
a.       Marathon training with fellow London Pacers during a very hot summer, it was suggested we meet on Saturdays at noon (because Crazy Legs Pellow was a dentist and worked Saturday mornings) So we met at Komoka and it then morphed into Wednesday nights and rotating Saturdays

2.       Longest trail running distance? (training / race)
a.       First one was Haliburton Forest 50K

3.       What is your favorite London area trail? And why.
a.       Komoka because it is so beautiful in any season, plus nostalgia.

4.       What is your most memorable training run or race?
a.       We were doing Kains Woods Trail way back when we could do the back end section that is now off limits. We were doing a Saturday morning run and fog drifted in and all you could see was the back of the person in front. A train was in the distance with its horn blowing. Jim G. had us all stop and just listen. It made everything feel very remote, even though we were minutes from the city.

5.       If you were to talk someone into trail running what would the sales pitch sound like?
a.       It’s not only the scenery and the challenge of the trail, but the runners are very interesting and supportive.

6.       If trail running is considered a passion, what other things are you passionate about?

a.       I am passionate about Canadian history and geography. I have the pleasure of a wife and friends who love to ‘do things’. I have been able to run, hike paddle in a number of Provinces and Territories. And it baffles me at the size of our country and how remote some areas are and are populated by people glad that you came to look and experience. And as I tell anybody I run with “it’s amazing that anything got discovered in Canada”

7.       Tell us about a training run that involves weather, good or bad.
a.       On a Wednesday winter evening we were to run Komoka trail. The snow had been coming down heavy all day and could barely get into the parking lot. Only Adam and I showed. We started our run and the snow was shin deep, and just got worse. When we got to the first open field area the snow was waist high drifts. We turned back. On the drive home the ditch was littered with cars that just slid of the road. A good night to call it quits early.

8.       What is a strength you have in trail running and what is something you consider a weakness?
a.       Stubborn, is that strength or just the brink of stupidity? But my weakness is sweating. It causes dehydration and cramping in races, as I cant drink fluids fast enough.

9.       What music do you listen to running or relaxing?
a.       Affairs of the Heart, Juliette Kane and CBC orchestra. It is about 22 minutes of music that makes me like I am completing something great.

10.   Post-race or training run food or beverage that makes it all worth it?
a.       Coffee after a trail run with friends.

11.   Favorite running story?
a.       I was in the Jasper – Banff Relay a number of years ago. Our teams plan was  to shuttle the runners kit bags to the section they are to run. But they mixed them up and I got my street clothes, so I ran my section in my underwear.

12.   Who is my running idol?
a.       To all of you who have been within ear shot of me during any trail run, I always tell of my trail running idol Monica Scholz. A Canadian trail / ultra-running legend and the worlds nicest person. Followed by a large number of my fellow trail runners who make it look so darn easy. You Bastards!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Tick me off

A Mosquito and Tick repellent you can make at home that really works.
Recently we had the Soiled Sport mobile command center parked at Long Point Provincial Park.
To say they have a mosquito and tick problem would be a gross understatement.
Not only did Siri act like a Swiffer for ticks each day but we would have to do a body check every time we ventured out to make sure they did not find a hiding place on us.
And they did, those ugly little buggers.
So, at a store in Port Rowan they had a sign saying they had a sure thing for repelling ticks and mosquito's using geranium essential oil and a base oil to mix it with.
So I decided to give it a try.
The geranium essential oil cost me $14.95 for a small 10ml bottle, and as the base oil I used a travel size bottle of unscented baby oil for $2.99.
(they recommended using olive oil to keep it all natural)
The idea of using the base oil is that only a few drops of the geranium oil is required and putting it directly on the skin would be way to concentrated.
So as per directions of drops of geranium essential oil to base oil bottle size, in my case 50 drops into the baby oil. You then shake well and apply to the exposed skin.
It worked very well and even the most determined mosquito seemed to give up shorty after being close to my exposed skin.
We also applied to Siri's ears and around her neck area, and seemed to keep all those varmints away.

It has a mild herb like smell, so no worries about having to smell like a chemical pit or a cheap perfume.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

You don't have to be Einstein

Did you know that the Soiled Sport Trail Running Group has been kicking dirt for well over 20 years?
And there are so many of you who I/we know so little about.
Of course you all know me as the former speech writer for United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, invented the calorie free butter tart (but sold it to the sugar industry who are keeping it a secret as it would collapse the world sugar industry) and of course my amazing trail running ability of tripping over shadows of dew worms.

So, I was thinking of making up a list of questions and sending them out to all of you, and if you send them back, will share your answers to the group.
And for the sake of privacy will not use last names, so those of you in witness protection have no worries.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Elgin Trail Run Cancelled

Saturday May 26trail  run from St.Thomas to Port Stanley has been cancelled and will be moved to a later date.
With the weekend being both the Sulphur Spring Trail Races and the MEC Marathon, the Soiled Sport group felt it would be best to postpone.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Just mention booze after the run.....

Our Cinco de Mayo and Love -A-Trail run on Saturday was a big success.
Over 30 runners came out to see what condition Meadowilly Trail was in after that monster of a wind storm on Friday.
Afterwards there was some refreshments, nacho's and salsa, and some incredible tequila infused deserts hand made by Erika B.
Thanks to all who registered for the Ragnar "Love-A-Trail Challenge" to help raise trail awareness plus to  donate funds to the non-profit Leave No Trace from the accumulated trail miles run during the challenge.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Love a Trail This Saturday and do some good

Come play, rain or shine, in the Meadowlilly Woods Trail this Saturday and take part in the Ragnar Love - A - Trail Challenge.
Our ultra trail kicker, Jay, is a Canadian ambassador for the Ragnar group, a world wide network of trail running wizards.
If you go to the Ragnar page and register on line. You can do so for free...YES FREE!!. Or you can pay an entry fee that will get you a medal, that you can wear or plant it in the ground and it will grow into a tree. 
Three easy step[s:
  1. Register on line
  2. After your run go on line and enter your distance
  3. Do some good, as with your entry Ragnar will donate one dollar on your behalf to Leave No Trace
They are hoping that enough runners will register so they can accumulate 15,000 miles / 24,140 kms
So with Soiled Sports trail runners we hope to help blast past that goal.

Read all the details and register on line from this link: