Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Look Hot, Feel Cool

NEW - Titan Lite Trail Running Jacket  

With only days left in February, we are being spoiled with very spring like temperatures.

This of course gets us all itching for the Soiled Sport Trail Running Season to start so we can rotate to all the great trails around the city as a group.
For all the newbies to the trail  running list, from late March to the end of October we rotate our Saturday runs to various trails around London and the occasional road trip to trails in the St.Thomas area. And from November to March we stick to the Medway Trail as our winter hiatus. (as the parking lot is plowed of snow and we don't spend time pushing stuck cars after our runs)

It is well known that trail runners are very conscious of how good they look while running trails and purchase their running attire accordingly.
(OK, I am just joking, we dress to stay dry & warm and to hell what we look  like)
But I thought I would share some new products coming available in the all new 'Columbia-Montrail' brand of clothing  and footwear lines.
As you may know Montrail has been a sponsor of the Vulture Bait Trail Races for the last 14 years and when Columbia Sportswear purchased this trail running shoe company, they too came on board to be part of the best trail race.
I have been wearing Montrail shoes for close to 20 years and now they have added trail running clothing to the line up, so I offer you a look some of the just released items.
This endorsement is not only because they are a great sponsor of the Vulture Bait Trail Races, but because I do like the quality of the product and the trail running focus of the brand.

Looking for a new running jacket?
The recently introduced Titan Lite trail running jacket is fantastic.
First off it is so freaking light in weight. And it is so soft and pliable as well, so you don't feel like you are wearing a jacket at all.
But best yet is that it has "Omni-Shield" that makes it resist rain and stains, plus the all new "Omni-Freeze" technology that is sweat activated to create a cooling effect to the body. The way I sweat, I am all in on this one.
It also folds up into its own pocket so it packs extremely small.
This new jacket has a retail price of $149.00 but using your London Pacer invitation to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store, you steal it for $75.00 .....Start the Car.....Start the Car!!
Also released is trail running shirts in long and short sleeves that also offer up the new Omni-Freeze technology.
Updates to the Montrail trail  running shoes, is the re-branding to 'Montrail by Columbia'. The same great aggressive tread in a grippy rubber compound that makes it a true trail running shoe. Some added features of the water proofing and of course new colours this season as well.
Again, with your London Pacer invitation to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store you save big time.
For those who are not London Pacers, I have a limited amount of Guest Passes that I will make available to Soiled Sport trail runners who wish to add to their trail running attire.
These will be on a first come basis and you have to show up at a Saturday morning or Wednesday evening trail run.
Trail Running Shirt featuring the new Omni-Freeze technology

Montrail Trail Shoe