Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running

Not saying that this resembles any one in the Soiled Sport trail running group.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The only shoe lace knot a trail runner should ever need!

With freezing temperatures and numb fingers there is one thing you gotta hate..... is your trail running shoe laces coming undone when running or so frozen you cant get them untied when you are finished.
The Swiss Knot will be your 'go to' knot for all your shoes from now on, as you will love how easy it is and they never come undone when running and with a simple tug, unties when it's time to get those frozen blocks off your feet.
This knot has been given the three thumbs up by our Texas tornado, Richard D.

Champagne and Mars Bar Trail Run

Booze and chocolate always brings a big crowd even when it is cold and raining

Dave explaining to Eric how 'nice pants' attracts women

Barb showing off her 'kiss of death' shirt for the Blue Jays

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hillbilly Aid Station @ Vulture Bait

We here at Vulture Bait Race HQ are SHOCKED...Yes... Shocked
that some miss guided people would do this!!
The VBTR race directors send out an apology to the poor runners who were duped into consuming non race approved liquids at this make shift aid station. 

The real aid station

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When I grow up, I want to be as fast as Skylar

 This is Skylar at the Turkey Trot 6k X-Country Race at about the 2 km mark

This is Skylar heading to the finish line to finish 2nd female, 1st in age group

So who let this young lady into our running group?
Skylar started coming out to the MEC trail running group on Sunday mornings at Komoka Trails.
He parents will pull up in their van and out comes Skylar, shy and unassuming, staying close to her mom.
Then Bill W. will tell his group it is time to run, and that seems to flick a switch in Skylar, as she is not being shy about running with the lead pack.
As weeks progressed I think the group would try to challenge her to see if she could keep up with them.
When they come zooming out of the trail to the parking lot, there would be the adult runners bending over trying to catch there breath, while Skylar just looks on sipping from her water bottle.
She now comes out to Wednesday and Saturday trail runs when it does not conflict with her soccer or track workouts with her running club, London Legion, and shows hat she is not prejudice as she will run anyone into the ground.

Champagne and Mars Bars Run

 The group waiting to get the run over so we can pop some corks

 Eric explaining the virtues of clipboards to Dave, who really does not give a shit because he is sporting his Columbia pant. (inside jokes)

 Yes, corks were finally popped
Maybe to many corks popped.
Rain or Snow
It does not matter the weather, you mention booze and chocolate and they will show up.
The annual Champagne and Mars Bar Run is how we celebrate our Soiled Sport Trail Running Series.
Normally held the last Saturday of October, we opted to move it ahead one week so we can be available for MEC Race #5 in their running series on October 31st.
Thanks to all who showed up through out the year to make this the best non-serious running series.
Soiled Sport Motto:
No Membership
No Support
No Sympathy

Screw You Shoes

The Best Shoes for Winter Running
'Screw Shoes'

Thinking of hibernating because you don’t like the idea of running on ice and snow?
Have you purchased Yak Tracks and seem to lose one every year on the trail?
Let me introduce you to Screw Shoes.
For under $10 bucks you will have enough screws to do yours, and numerous friends after you tell them how great it works.
To make a pair of screw shoes, you need to get a package of 3/8” or 1/2″ x # 8 hex head self taping screws.  These will be available at a Home Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store.
Next get a socket to fit the end of the hex head screw, a cordless drill, and of course a pair of trail running shoes.
Decide where you want the screws. Don’t place them too close to the edges or in the grooves of the shoe. For best traction the lugs on the heel and the ball of the foot areas of the tread should be your prime target area. There is no set number of screws that should be used, so you can do some test runs to see what works best for you.
If you have a reasonable amount of tread left on your shoes, you shouldn’t have to worry about screw penetration, but make sure to check before you go running in them.
Place the screws in sufficient numbers to cover the ball of the foot area and heel, and anywhere else you like.  Note the random pattern in the photo.
The great thing about the screw shoe is if you lose a few screws , you just screw some more back in,  In the spring you simply unscrew them and you are back on the roads and trails again, no worse for wear.
Do not wear them in doors, as they will ruin the finish on hard wood floors or other surfaces, and you will think you are wearing ice skates if you wear them on ceramic tile.

Or do you want to wear them while driving, as you may find that the screw heads do not slide off the gas pedal when going for the break, and that tiny bit of delay could be a cause of an accident.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Biggest Small Race

London Pacers Present the 2015 Turkey Trot
This has to be the best race never advertised.
In past years the race has boasted a field of 300 plus runners for the Turkey Trot 2k and 6k Cross Country Races held on Thanksgiving morning.
It an all age event so the whole family can participate.
Please send this information on to family and friends who may have kids looking to burn off some energy on Thanksgiving morning.
Its a great event and is only $5 for the 2k and a mere $10 for the 6k
Even if you are not running, come out and volunteer or be part of the cheering crowd as the runners come to the finish line.
Pass it on.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It seems like only weeks ago we were wishing for the snow to go away.
What happened to the summer? Heck where was Spring?
Well, we have a couple great things coming up in regard to trail running.
1) Vulture Bait Trail Race on October 17th. Another year we have sold out months in advance.

2) Champagne & Mars Bar Trail Run to wrap up another running season. It is also the one run we see people we only see come out when there is the promise of alcohol and chocolate.

3) When the clocks change our weekly Wednesday night trail run at Komoka turns into a night run, and we get to try out our new and improved headlamps. Just at the start of deer hunting season too, so please refrain from your tan coloured toque with the white pom-pom. You know... like the one I bought for my wife.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bringing your toys to a trail run

Go big or go home
Trail runner, Zaan, showed up with her new kayak mounted atop her diesel Ram pickup truck.
Some people have all the toys.
(yes I am envious)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tracy and Steve's Big Mistake

'Before' having the Soiled Sport Trail Runners 

'After' the Soiled Sport Trail Runners

Eric eyeing the spread

So much  healthy food it was sickening

Before we arrived

When we departed

More than the usual suspects showed up for trails

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lanni Marchant Canadian Marathoner, American criminal trial lawyer, burger connoisseur & lover of beer

Marylou H. one of our trail runners is the mother of one of Canada's fastest marathon runners and now bronze medal winner at the Pan Am Games 10,000 meter event.
We are proud of all of our competing athletes but it is even better when you have a home town athlete doing great things. 
Congratulations Lanni, the only thing you need now is to win the Vulture Bait 50km Trail Race to make your race resume complete. Your mom knows one of the race directors so she has pull on getting you in, as there is less than 40 spots left open.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The things you find when pee'ing in the woods

Our Trail Guide, Carl K, now adds this section of trail on, so he can show a tree that he found one day trail running at Meadowlily Trail as he stopped to water the flowers.
It seems this is how most of our trail trivia spots are found.
So, next time you are in Meadowlily stop and have a look, but don't touch the grass.
Just saying!

Monday, July 6, 2015

It's a Ride not a Race!

MEC 60km & 100km Bike Ride

July 5th was a perfect day to do something outdoors, or so I thought. The day before, in one of my lapses of good judgment I thought it would be fun to do the MEC 60km bike ride. (it's a ride not a race!)
So I dusted off my 18 speed mountain bike that I have not been on in 5 years that I loaned to my brother (who evidently has not been on it for some while as well).
I was so prepared in my pre-race bike maintenance I put air in the some what flat tires. But should have actually seen if the handle grip shifters worked.
So Sunday morning I join up with around 250 cyclists, who were sporting race jerseys, shoes that clip into the pedals, padded spandex shorts and bikes that would need a car loan to purchase. So me in my singlet, running shorts and trail running shoes, made me feel real special. And not in a good way, more like special needs.
The great thing at the start was I caught up with Bruce 'crazy legs' Pellow and Jim Gilchrist, both former trail runners and London Pacers who had migrated over to cycling. I wish I could say they gave me encouragement, but no....they too got a laugh in at my expense.
The 100km (it's not a race) ride started at 9:00 am, the time we usually, as trail runners, are scraping off mud to go for coffee.
Jim Gilchrist was at the lead pack, sparing any poor soul who may have been in front of him, getting run over. Competitive? Jim? Nooooo.
Fellow trail runners Nancy R. and Diana T. were qued up in line for the 60km as well, both with proper attire and bikes. They at least did not laugh in my face as did Bill W. did when he seen me, and Mark and Emma who were driving the sweep vehicle laughed saying they would be looking at my ass for 60km.
It was a great morning for the ride (it's not a race) and found out very early that my gear shifter worked only when it felt like it or when I had to stop pedaling to kick it.
MEC as always, made this a great event as there was aid stations and enthusiastic volunteers to cheer everyone on.
It was so nice to come across the finish to have Bill and LuLu give that look of WTF? 
Guess the inside bet was I would be done by night fall if at all.
Nancy was already in the Beer Garden cheering on riders between sips.

Well who would do any kind of race unless there were beverages at the end. Nancy and Diana looking way to fresh after a 60km (it's not a race) ride.

Enthusiastic trail runner volunteers, Mahnaz and Bill at the Start/Finish

Friday, July 3, 2015

Trail Kickers at Kains Woods Trail 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Yes You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

 Now this is one fancy cake!

In between Trail 'Rubs', Julianne celebrates her birthday after a trail run at her favorite trail, Kains Woods

Friday, May 29, 2015

Just a few pictures from the last couple of months.

 Komoka Trails in April

 Eagles Nest in Kains Woods Trail

Kains Woods Trail in April 

John introduces a newbie to trails