Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Survived!!

After the party
The end of the world was a bust, but the 'Day after the end of the world party' was a blast.
A special thank you to Robin for hosting this and to her poor husband Stu, who was in charge of cooking endless piles of pancakes and bacon for the trail running group.
We were also waited on by the lovely 3 Ashton girls who, kept the food coming and kept up their end to the many different conversations taking place through the house.
I am sure we have now officially made Robin swear off ever inviting the running group over again, because we actually show up and don't leave.
The next home we demolish is the Benson residence on New Years Day for the Pacer fun run.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

After December 22nd Saturday Morning Run

Day After the End of the World Run / Potluck

  • Run at Medway Trail at 8:00 as usual
  • Potluck brunch afterwards (9:30ish - ?
  • Robin Ashtons home just minutes from the trail head
  • 1698 Attawandaron Road
  • Pancakes and coffee provided by the Ashton clan
  • Please bring items for the potluck table (Tim Bits is cheating)
  • If the world does not in fact end on December 21, there is no Post-apocalypse 'rain date', sorry
  • RSVP

* Please bring a change of clothes so we don't stink the place up