Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Day Fun Run

Well leave it to runners to show up in droves when there is food and alcohol.
Doris and Peter Benson offered up their home in Delaware as the gathering spot for the New Years Day Fun Run.
They kept it a secret that the last 1/2 km had one hideous hill, but the course was scenic other than that.
For those who keep forgetting (Treena) to send in the 2013 Pacer membership so you can get in on the winter training program for Around The Bay training.
Here is a link to the PDF membership form:

Saturday morning winter runs continue at the Indian Archaeological Museum, off Wonderland between Gainsborough and Fanshawe Road.
Start time is 8:00 am

And Wednesday evening runs continue at Komoka at 6:00 PM 
ps: word of advice, dress shirts do not make good running tops. Just sayin!