Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monica's January Fun Run

If this is going to be what to expect for weather the rest of January, you better pass the sun block.
My running idol Monica Scholz has a monthly '20 & 4o km Fun Run' on the Sulphur Springs trail near Ancaster, during the winter months to get rid of the winter blues.
Well as you can see by the above photo of January 7th the only thing blue is the sky. With temperatures around +7 at the finish it was damn near spring like.
In the picture there are some of Ontario's elite trail runners:
  • Canadian female 100 mile record holder Iris Cooper (fourth from the left)
  • Record holder for running end to end of the 894 km Bruce Trail, Charlotte Vasarhelyi (fourth from right)
  • Trail Runner Magazine Series 2nd place female in ultra's is Kinga Miklos (third from left)
  • Trail Runner Magazine Series 1st place male 50+, Bill Wheeler
Also, both Kinga and her husband Stephan (2nd from right) were using this as a 40km taper run for the H.U.R.T. 100 Mile race in Hawaii the next weekend. Now tell me that this does not make you feel like a slug.
In the back ground is our newest addition to the Soiled Sport Trail Running Group, Danny Murphy. He is the one in the background with arms up and screaming "Wooooo!!"
Other than the three of us from London, I think everyone else did the 40Km yet look just as relaxed as Bill and Danny after our 20Km's.
Afterwards we were invited to Monica and Phil's home for veggie chili, cold drinks and 'Super Store' bread. (inside joke pointed at Bill Wheeler)
We sat around and basked in stories of running adventures from this group, that again makes one feel like we better kick it up a notch or three.
You all know I have nothing but praise for Monica as I love her to death, but the truth is I want to be adopted by her mom and dad.
Her father Dieter, does the aid stations for the fun run and weather is never a barrier and is like a mother hen when you are at the aid station making sure you get something or topping up water bottles. If you cant find something at his aid station from food to drink to sports gue, it must not exist.
Toni, her mom is just a saint, who just happens to make butter tarts to die for.

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