Thursday, November 4, 2010

Night Trail Run on Wednesday

Deer hunting season has opened and so has our night trail runs.
So this must be what we look like as the hunter is looking for Bambi.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vulture Bait 2010 a HUGE Success

Vulture Bait Trail Races was sold out again this year and records were broken.
Pictured above is Kasia Zajac finishing the 50K in 4:10.51 breaking the course record by 13 minutes.
Ms. Zajac is from Poland but lives and trains in Germany with her adventure racing team.
Hundreds of pictures will be linked on the VBTR web site shortly.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who put in a long day to help make this an event the runners have been e-mailing praise about.

On another note, our Soiled Sport Trail Runing Series is down to two events.
Saturday October 23rd is at Westminster Ponds and the Champagne and Mars Bar season finisher at Komoka Trail on the 30th.

The coveted trail running jacket will be awarded at the Pacer Banquet next month. Details on getting your tickets coming soon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Midnight Sun

So, I thought I sucked at running trail races.... well you should see me in a kayak race.

The Yukon River Quest is a 740 km canoe and kayak race from Whitehorse to Dawson City in the Yukon.
Bill Nightingale and I joined on a whim last October not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into.
Karen asked if I looked at the videos on You Tube about Five Finger and Rink rapids along the course, or the warnings on Lake Labarge, but told her I did not because I did not want to scare myself out of it.

When we arrived in Whitehorse three days before the race to get our gear in order and do a 20km test paddle of our rented kayak, it was mid 20's and sunny. And sunny around the clock since it was Midnight Sun in the north. I have a picture of me standing in the main intersection of town showing the time on my watch (midnight) with daylight equivalent to an afternoon here.

But on race day the temperature plummeted to +8 and rain with river temperatures about the same.

To make things interesting the start line is 400 meters away in the park with a sprint to your boat. Being gentlemen we let everyone else go ahead while we strolled down to the waters edge, and casually got into our kayak. This turned out to be a smart move because we passed people on the water who were trying to paddle and get their spray skirts on or readjust gear that they inadvertently kicked or nudged out of position.

My biggest worry was Lake Labarge because of stories I had heard.
Well the stories were tame compared to the lake.
Five foot waves coming from behind, with a wind that came from the side and a kayak that wanted to act like a submarine.
I had a death grip on the paddle and stroked like a mad man just so I could get off the section of water. Problem is that it is around 50km long.

We made it to the end of the lake and went ashore at the checkpoint. We were both soaked and frozen.
A change of clothes and some hot tea got us back into the right frame of mind.

We were told later that a large number of boats (21) had scratched by the end of the lake. Weather and water conditions took its toll on even the hard core teams.

Now with 12 hours under our belt we would paddle through the midnight sun, finding out the hard way of sleep deprivation. Oh... the things you think you see.

We took a number of short cat naps trying to keep us from falling asleep paddling and rolling the kayak over.

Around noon we decided we had to get out of the boat to stretch only to find a patch of grass that made a nice mattress.

At the second last checkpoint we were told we had 60-ish km to Carmacks and only 4 1/2 hours to do it in. But then a huge black sky rolled in over the ridge with promise of lightning and heavy rain. We may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but we knew not to be on the river during lightning activity.
The storm was fast and furious and ate up a half hour while Bill and I sat under a ledge.

Now we are paddling our guts out to make the deadline.

Our dash to the finish with everything we have, was to a bend in the river. But turned out short by approximately 2km's. I had miss read the map!

Now we try to keep the power stroke going but as we turn the last bend to the dock in Carmacks a fellow on the dock is shacking his head.

We were 35 hours and 5 minutes. Five minutes over the cut-off time.

They apologised as they cut our race numbers off.

We are officially out of the race.

Over 340 km's we had paddled in one of the most remote river conditions in Canada and we are short by 5 freaking minutes.

Were we disappointed?
No, because we now know what to expect next year.

Monday, June 7, 2010

We Never Said We Were Smart

On June 30th Bill & I will try our hand at the Yukon River Quest.
This is a 740 km kayak race from Whitehorse to Dawson City on the mighty Yukon River.
A challenge indeed since Bill and I are the least competitive people I know, so the goal is to complete the race in the 4 day time limit.
Thankfully there is the midnight sun, so we can paddle around the clock. Oh joy!
My ass is sore already.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tortoise and the Hare

Ok, so it was Chuck and not a hare.

But as the photo shows, Chuck is behind the tortoise.
This was taken at the start of Saturday May 22nd's trail run of Gibbons Park Trail.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Trail Series

Let's get this party started!!

Kiss winter goodbye, spring has sprung and even monkey pants has come out of hibernation.

Saturday March 27th we will start our 2010 series of trail runs around the London area.

Some things will remain the same, like having a laugh at other peoples expense, and poking fun at Carl for being so uptight on leaving on time, but one thing has changed.

The 'Black Ball' is what you want to get this time.

Each week all runners who show up at the designated trail will be asked to pull a ball from the orange pail white ones go back in and the black one is a keeper you get to hold on till the end of the season.

This will be critical to who wins the coveted trail running jacket. (guaranteed to make you pee your pants)

March 27th will be Meadowlilliy Trails, off Commisioners Road one block east of Highbury Ave.

Google map link when you click the title block above picture.

Monday, February 8, 2010

How NOT to finish a 100km race

Jennifer Anne Meneray showing off her bandages that were put on at an aid station so she could complete the 100Km portion of the HURT 100 in Hawaii.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Canadians Break Records at H.U.R.T. 100

100 Mile Finishers:
-Gary Robbins North Vancouver BC 20:12 1st Overall; new CR (photo)
-Tracy Garneau Veron BC 24:06 3rd Overall; 1st Female; new CR (photo)
-Jamie Nott Calgary AB 31:40 17th Overall
-Monica Scholz Jerseyville ON 32:02 18th Overall; 2nd Female
-Matthew Session Burnaby BC 32:10 19th Overall
-Charlotte Vasarhelyi Breslau ON 32:28 22nd Overall; 3rd Female
-Tasha Nott Calgary, ON 35:50 46th Overall; 5th Female

100K Finishers:
-Alan Haner Mindemoya ON
-John Turner Burlington ON
-Tammy Sieminowski Toronto ON
-Phillip McColl Jerseyville ON
-Sharon Zelinki Toronto ON
-Jennifer-Anne Meneray London ON