Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Champagne and Mars Bars Run

 The group waiting to get the run over so we can pop some corks

 Eric explaining the virtues of clipboards to Dave, who really does not give a shit because he is sporting his Columbia pant. (inside jokes)

 Yes, corks were finally popped
Maybe to many corks popped.
Rain or Snow
It does not matter the weather, you mention booze and chocolate and they will show up.
The annual Champagne and Mars Bar Run is how we celebrate our Soiled Sport Trail Running Series.
Normally held the last Saturday of October, we opted to move it ahead one week so we can be available for MEC Race #5 in their running series on October 31st.
Thanks to all who showed up through out the year to make this the best non-serious running series.
Soiled Sport Motto:
No Membership
No Support
No Sympathy


Richard Sleegers said...

I would have loved to come out, but the thought of waiting in the parking lot staring/cursing my foot cast wasn't appealing.
I did enjoy welcoming many of you across the finish line at the Vulture Bait race.

kimlay said...

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