Monday, October 20, 2014

Hallucination Aid Station at the Vulture Bait Trail Races

Tempting Runners With Cigars and Beer

What was reported to race officials at this years Vulture Bait Trail Races was almost unbelievable to the ear.
What is believed to be the work of road runners trying to make trail running less appealing may have back fired, as we all know that Vulture Bait Trail Runners have a number of vices, and beer is one of them.
These hooligans set up a water station a 100 meters before our aid station #4 at around the 20 km point, with cups of assorted beers and boxes of cigars.
The Vulture Bait Race organizers are now looking for them, as now that they have started it, they are encouraged to do it again next year as runners will be expecting it.
Thanks to Martin D., Ross W., Alicia D., and Lennard D. for creating a 'buzz' for the Vulture Bait Trail Race.

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