Friday, August 5, 2016

Wednesday Evening Trail Location Change

New Trail Location as of August 1, 2016
Due to the recent closure of the free use of Komoka Trails, we here at Soiled Sport have decided to move the Wednesday evening trail run to a new location, Kains 'West' Trail.
Please note that on Wednesday evenings we will start at the trail  entrance off of Westdell Bourne Road. This location has ample road side parking and easy access to the west end of the Kains Wood trails. Please note the map above to orientate yourself if you are directionaly challenged.
With its location only a km from the Komoka trail, it will still allow you the same travel time to navigate the road construction you have already been accustomed to.
Please note the start/finish is NOT at Warbler Woods as we do on Saturday morning runs.
If you have not called or e-mailed Ms.Card at Parks Ontario about the recent pay to park when using the Komoka trails, I hope you will take the few minutes to do so. Her contact info is in the last weeks blog post listed below. 
Let's at least go down swinging.


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