Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting out of running the Vulture Bait the hard way

Another one bites the dust at Meadowlilly!
It seems that Meadowlilly Trail is not only beautiful and challenging but it is a bone crusher too.
As you can see, Terry is being nursed by Barb after a miss step on the trail and broke a bone in his foot.
He was accompanied by a couple of fellow trail runners to St. Joe's emergency department and I am sure they were greeted warmly with their muddy shoes and rain soaked running attire.
We seemed to stray away from a couple key points in our motto:
  • No Charge
  • No Support
  • No Sympathy
We here at Soiled Sport head office will let it pass this time but from here on in you better shape up!
Terry, there is no refund on your Vulture Bait entry, so you better learn to run in a cast.


tvdm12000 said...

Leave it to Barb to ignore any and all rules no matter who has set them down. She handily made sure that I was well taken care of at the Emergency department also. Otherwise, I can attest that the 'No Support, No Sympathy' rules were quite well followed and phone cameras quickly made their appearance to fully document my dilemma and I didn't expect anything less.

Cheers and I will see you all on the trails again as soon as I get out of the 'dog house' my wife has placed me in.


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