Monday, June 6, 2016

We do hang out with some pretty amazing people.

Sue decided she wanted to do something really different for her 50th birthday.
So, she decided to hike the trail system from Gibbons Park to her home in St. Mary's a total of 50km.
But this is the part that makes her an even more amazing person. She wanted the expierince for herself but wanted it to benefit someone else.
She used this as a fund raiser for the YWCA who was there for her when she was a single mother that wanted to have her son take part in organized sport.
Here she is at kilometer zero with her Dad who came out to hike the first section with her. Other friends and family met her at various check points to keep her company and motivated.
The weather was not on her side as storm front after storm from rolled in all afternoon with heavy showers, lightning and thunder.

Off they go
Here she is with her son, who joined her for the last section, at kilometer 50.
Amazing woman indeed.


prime essays said...

She looks really nice and doing a great act of kindness and generosity. I wish her best of luck with her efforts and we should support her.

Cheyenne hot tubs said...

Great, loved it. I really liked the idea of celebrating 50th birthday. Thank you for sharing your moments with us and stay blessed

harada57 said...
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