Monday, June 6, 2016

Elgin Trail was a BLAST!!!

There was a 13 Trail Kickers who showed up to try out the Elgin Trail

Cathy, Nancy, Sara and Sue (and myself of course) hiked in from Port Stanley as far as the Union Station on the old railway system tracks that cut across the trail.

The trail was marked well in most sections but I was informed that there was one area the running group came upon that was somewhat confusing, but they did manage to figure it out. 

There was many steep ups and downs through the valleys along Kettle Creek that the trail follows

The runners coming from St.Thomas reach the Union Station.
Paul, Chris, Barb, Blair, Robert, Kevin, Jen, (Eric taking picture)

Everyone stuck around to have lunch in Port Stanley. 
(Good food and Great service)

Some ate healthy.....

Some, not so much...


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Hiking and trailing is my hobby too. Liked reading your blog and enjoyed the pictures too. Hope you had enjoyed the food afterwards. Keep posting more.

Erick Perini said...

It looks so tasty!