Friday, October 9, 2009

UWO Invitational X-Country

UWO hosted this annual event at Thames Valley Golf Course, and had a stellar turn out of athletes.

Pictured here is Guelph Gryphons, Lindsay Carson who set a course record in the womans 5K that has stood since 1987, at 17:01.6

This event is free and open to all, and I am amazed at how few show up.

The course switchs back and forth allowing the spectator to see a number of different views along the route.

The mens 10K was won by a Windsor Lancer, Dave Watson, in 32:10.9. (funny I only have a picture of the womans race winner)

The same day had the Fanshawe College Invitational out at Fanshawe, so I unfortunatly was unable to fit both in.

Next year I think our trail run will be at Thames Valey on the x-country course.... or maybe I should not embarass myself this way. Anyhow next year we all should attend to cheer the 'Stangs' on.

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