Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You crack me up!

So there I was pondering life's mystery's, when it dawned on me.... you lazy bastards have not signed up for the Vulture Bait yet!!

We are looking for volunteers for the races as well.

So, your uncle may just be getting out of prison for a weekend and you have no room in your double wide at the trailer park.... or maybe you would like to get grandma some fresh air while you do the 50K race, we can use them.

http://www.vulturebaitrace.com/ and you will be whisked away to the fantastic world of Vulture Bait.

Note to American entries: NO PASSPORT REQUIRED to enter Canada.
(but you will need one to get back in to your own country. Hey they are your governments rules not ours)

Each month leading up to the race, one lucky entry will win a Vulture Bait running jacket.
(I don't understand why Jennifer Anne wants to measure the male winners inseam though)

Last but not least, Trail Runner Magazine, August issue, page 12 says it all.

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