Thursday, July 19, 2018

Have You Started Your Training For The Phoenix Trail Races

Only 12 Weeks Till Race Day

I was asked by both Robert and Sarah how my training for the Phoenix Trail Races was going.
Well, not only have I not been training, I have fallen off my weekly schedule of trail running.
So,today I looked at the calendar and came up with a 12 week plan and wrote it out in detail.
One that is bullet proof!
One that will bring great results!
One that I will start tomorrow or the next day. 
Or if it' to hot or to cold I may need to postpone for a while longer.

Joking aside, training needs to begin.

For all of you trail kickers not already registered, why risk having to go on the waiting list when it sells out? 
Enter today and start training for one of the "Must Do" trail races in Canada



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