Monday, July 10, 2017

Top 50 Trail Running Blog

Selected by Feed Spot as one of the top 50 Trail Running Blogs.

I am sure it was the high quality writing that did it!
That and the incredible photography of course.
Maybe .....that it is due to the high caliber and elite trail runners who visit the blog on a regular basis to get peak performance tips on trail running and nutrition.
So, I guess we now have to strive to be in the top 10 next.
I will check the mailbox regularly now to see if the medal has arrived and I am sure a hefty cheque as well.


rushmyessay said...

Oh wow, there are rewards ? This is really great and must be very motivational too. I wish all the very best and more success. You really do a great job here. Deserving.

Brendan Grimaldi said...

i like this blog! It is splendid!