Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trail Run Motivation - DJI Phantom 2

2016 is winding down, and 2017 almost here, I wish to thank all of the trail runners who have come out and made this such an incredible group to be part of.
What started out as just a small splinter group looking to train during the summer heat for the fall marathon season on cooler wooded trails, has transformed into a very diverse group of incredible people. Even those who have moved away, make a point of dropping in on a trail run when they come back to visit family and friends.
And it is always a pleasure to hear a new trail runner to our Soiled Sport group comment that they never knew that these trails were even here in London.
With so many of you sharing your trail race experiences through out the year, is very motivating to me and I am sure to others.
Our motto: "No Cost, No Support and No Sympathy" is far from being true. It is proven over and over again.
The cost is how the trail runners make sure every one is accounted for at the end of a run,
The support is shown by the regulars making sure the newbies are welcomed and offered tips and encouragement
The sympathy is shown when on the rare occasion a runner is injured, there is a concerted effort to help them and offer aid and comfort.
Have a safe and happy holiday.... and hope to see you on the trails.

Don't Quit!
Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion.
Mohamma Ali


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