Thursday, May 21, 2015

Medowlilly Trail Virgins

Most of our running group have logged many, many kilometers on London's trail gems.
So, I find it surprising when you here from a some what 'trail regular' say "Wow, I have never run this trail before"
Well it would be so impolite if I would actually point out these Medowlilly Trail virgins......but it was her, and her and him.

Please take note that there has been some trail locations moved around. Most notably Fanshawe Lake has been added, because evidently I forgot all about it when I was making out the schedule.

Also Kains Woods was moved to June 20th because I can be swayed by a woman who e-mails "anybody want to meet for a trail rub on Sunday?"
So Julianne pretended that her new Iphone switched out trail 'run' to trail 'rub'.
But we did note a big increase of male runners showing up in bath robes last Sunday looking for her.
Anyhow the 20th is her birthday, as she keeps reminding everyone, and favorite trail is Kains.

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