Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No Cost, No Support, No Sympathy

OK, Barb proved my slogan wrong.
The cost of running with minimalist shoes on trails, cost her two broken bones in her foot.
There was support of fellow runners who carried her until a complete stranger on a mountain bike offered her to sit on the bike while her entourage pushed her out of the trails to be picked up by car to get her home so John could take her to emergency.
And yes there was Sympathy, as a nun exiting Bresha College witnessed Barb laying on the lawn in her running shorts and top, with one leg propped up on Mike's shoulder for elevation and Tomas and Carl huddled next to her saying kind words. (I am sure the nun went in side and said many prayers for that fallen woman)
The picture above was one week later when Barb joined us for coffee after our run to say all is well.

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