Monday, April 8, 2013

The Series starts and we can be thankful for Canada's Health Care

The opening of the 2013 Series proved to have had a few of us testing the law of gravity at Meadowlilly Trail.
I of course fell, but that is to be expected, Don tested his landing technique early on in the run as well.
 Cathy Q did a face plant and almost rolled down a ravine, I think she was counting stars the rest of the day.
But leave it to Eric to get all the attention, as he fell and hit his head causing a nice trickle of blood, but it was his dislocated finger that got him a leasurly afternoon sitting at the hospital. Granted I am sure the story grew by the hour, as he had Doctors and Nurses in awe of his trail running skills.
Twenty people were out for the opening day, a few we have not seen since October, so spring must really be here.
This Saturday is Fanshawe Lake Trail, so who knows what will happen there, but it will be fun.

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