Thursday, October 4, 2012

The best running shoe knot

You have been able to tie your shoes since you were a baby, and when you started running you were told to do a double knot so laces would not come untied as you were leading the race.
But we all know that the double knot is not perfect. Yes it can still come undone but worse is in the winter when you are done running in sub zero temperatures you are almost tempted to cut the laces off because they are frozen solid and your fingers are numb.
Well rather than revert to Velcro closures, may I recommend the best shoe lace knot around. 'The Swiss Knot'
It is so easy to do, and stays tied till you give it a gentle tug when the run is over.
I have included a You Tube video since the proof is in seeing it done.
Also know for reenactments in the bedroom from your favorite chapters of Shades of Grey for those who don't own hand cuffs, but what happens in your bedroom is your business.