Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why am I the only muddy one?

Pictured here after the Creemore Vertical Challenge 25K Race, you will notice that the other three have already been dipping into the Mad River to get cleaned off of mud and sweat. And Richard Bird had already left for a family function by the time I finished.
Pictured from left to right: Danny (Woo-Hoo) Murphy @ 2:51.50, Larry (slow train to no where) Gooder @ 3:40.0, Bill (Hoover) Wheeler @ 2:06.44 and 'Chef' Andre Kaniuk @ 2:51.04.
And Richard Bird not shown, finished in 2:24.04.
The weather went from a huge thunder, lightening and heavy rain to sunny and humid for the race. The few trail sections were of the shoe sucking mud variety and the gentle Mad River was running fast and deep.
Anyone who wants a race that you will love to hate, this is the one as it earns it's name Creemore Vertical Challenge.