Friday, March 25, 2011

Soiled Sport's 2011 Trail Series has a new look

Welcome to Soiled Sport 2011 Trail Series - Fat Ass Style

Don't take offence, I am not referring to the fact that your ass looks big in those running shorts, but refers to a no nonsense version of doing races.

Fat Ass events started back in the late 70's when a runner was fed up with rising costs of running a race and the rising costs of holding a race.

There are three basic rules to a Fat Ass event:
  1. No fees

  2. No awards

  3. No whining

And you get what you pay for, no shirts, no aid stations and no sympathy.

As in previous years, the rules I just dream up after a drunken stooper, such as:

  • 10 points for completing a Saturday trail run

  • 10 points for completing an Ontario Ultra Series race

  • 10 points for volunteering for a London Pacer hosted event

  • 20 bonus points for finding the hidden immunity idol (more details to follow)

  • 10 bonus points for wearing Soiled Sport/Vulture Bait/London Pacer shirts, when instructed via this blog before the trail run

  • Extra bonus points for attempting to bribe me with cheesecake, booze and winning lottery tickets

The race schedule will be posted this weekend, but will start with Meadowlilly Trails on April 2nd, 8:00 am sharp.

1 comment:

ladyhawk said...

Love it Lar! I will bring my "fat ass" out to the season opener next weekend.