Friday, June 5, 2009

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I am pleased to announce that I suck almost as much at kayaking as I do at trail running.
Our trail kicker friend from Alberta, Willy Bill, came to South-Western Ontario to whip LuLu into shape for our upcoming hike in the wilds of the Yukon.
This included a kayaking trip down the Grand River from Cambridge to Paris.
Normally a slow paddle, the recent deluge of rain caused for a pretty fast current. So much so, that the outfitter we rented some of the kayaks & canoe from, sent along a guide.
( I think he was there to recover the equipment rather than the person.)

All went well until Ken & Jeniffer decided that when coming to a bridge column located in the centre of the river, about at the halfway point, the front paddler wanted to go left of the massive stone structure while the rear paddler wanted the right.
Well the river decided neither and they collided the structure and capsized, causing the guide to earn his keep. He did recover the canoe but Jen & Ken were lost.
Kidding about the last part, they swam ashore and others down river captured their gear as it floated by.

This was a fun way to spend a day since upon 'Two Beer Nancy's' demand, we then proceeded to a licensed establishment to sample some beverages and chicken wings.

The evening concluded with a BBQ back in London to solve the worlds problems.

On a Trail Running note, our motley crew took home the hardware at Sulphur Springs Trail Races.
And I can't wait till Alita comes out to Saturday morning trail runs wearing her Sulphur Springs shirt.
Coming up in the OUS is Niagara Ultra on June 20th.
Sorry no trails here, but a fast course for a 10k,25k, marathon and 50K
Great prizes that come from local wineries and early entries get a warm hoodie.
And rumour has it that there may be some beer to be had at the end.
And speaking of beer.. Creemore Vertical Challenge is on July 4th. If you like scenery and hills..never ending freaking hills.. then this is the race to do.
The only thing that compels me to do this race is that the kegs of Creemore are at the finish line.

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