Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This is a YOU TUBE video done by Philip McLeod on one of our favorite running trails, the Medway Trail.
 It's 16 minutes long and has cameo performances by Mary Anne and Richard pour a tea and lean back and enjoy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How's That New Years Resolution Working Out?

How about a 7 day FREE pass

 One of our new additions to trail running, Mary Lou Marchant, has dropped off some 7 Day Free Guest Passes for the 'Anytime Fitness'.
Located in the plaza on the corner of Commisioners and Wonderland, this would fit in to your running schedule for any of the west end trails.
I have them in my car, so feel free to ask for one and giive it a try.
And if Mary Lou is working out you can have her spot for you.

Monday, January 12, 2015

More pictures from Saturday Trail Runs at Medway Trail

Chuck's favorite creek crossing

Pictures by LuLu

Minus 18 and they still show up on Saturday.

Saturday Morning -18 with wind chill at -25
The smiles are frozen in place.
Photo's by Mahnaz

Orienteering with Moose Dynasty

Raid The Hammer 2014 - Orienteering Race 

Moose Dynasty team leader when the race started.

Team Moose Dynasty at the finish line.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Champagne And Mars Bars

Trail Runners Will Run For Booze and Chocolate

Our Soiled Sport Trail Series, Season Ending Run

As in past years we seem to have the best turnout for our Champagne and Mars Bar run to celebrate a season of great trail running. 
We had around 44 people out for our run this year, some of them I have never seen before and some I have not seen since last years season end'r. (Tracey and Steve)
Thanks to all for showing up and hope to see you out on Wednesday evening for our night runs at Komoka (headlamps will be needed), and for Saturdays winter runs now exclusively at Medaway Trail till March.
Due to some trail restrictions at Medaway Trail we may have to alter the route some what. But we will review this Saturday to see what makes the best and easiest solution.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hallucination Aid Station at the Vulture Bait Trail Races

Tempting Runners With Cigars and Beer

What was reported to race officials at this years Vulture Bait Trail Races was almost unbelievable to the ear.
What is believed to be the work of road runners trying to make trail running less appealing may have back fired, as we all know that Vulture Bait Trail Runners have a number of vices, and beer is one of them.
These hooligans set up a water station a 100 meters before our aid station #4 at around the 20 km point, with cups of assorted beers and boxes of cigars.
The Vulture Bait Race organizers are now looking for them, as now that they have started it, they are encouraged to do it again next year as runners will be expecting it.
Thanks to Martin D., Ross W., Alicia D., and Lennard D. for creating a 'buzz' for the Vulture Bait Trail Race.