Monday, October 3, 2016

The Biggest Small Race

The Turkey Trot 
A London Pacer tradition that keeps on growing that has a 2K Cross Country that attracts hundreds of young runners as well as their parents.
Followed by a very competitive 6K All Age Cross Country Race.
Monday October 10th - Thanksgiving Morning
Registration starts at 8:30 am 
The 2K race is only $5.00 per person
The 6K race is only $6.00 per person
Arrive early to register as the turnout last year had over 500 runners
Race Start Times:
2K: 10:00 am
6K: 10:30 am
For more details go to London Pacers Web Site

Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting out of running the Vulture Bait the hard way

Another one bites the dust at Meadowlilly!
It seems that Meadowlilly Trail is not only beautiful and challenging but it is a bone crusher too.
As you can see, Terry is being nursed by Barb after a miss step on the trail and broke a bone in his foot.
He was accompanied by a couple of fellow trail runners to St. Joe's emergency department and I am sure they were greeted warmly with their muddy shoes and rain soaked running attire.
We seemed to stray away from a couple key points in our motto:
  • No Charge
  • No Support
  • No Sympathy
We here at Soiled Sport head office will let it pass this time but from here on in you better shape up!
Terry, there is no refund on your Vulture Bait entry, so you better learn to run in a cast.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More reasons we need to have Komoka Trails

Lani Running the Marathon in Rio

Thanks to all of you who have taken a couple minutes out of your day to write to Parks Ontario (aka Parking Lot Ontario)
This is a letter to Ms.Card from Lani's mom and fellow Soiled Sport trail  runner, Mary Lou.
Dear Rhonda,

I have lived in London, Ontario since 1989, having moved here from Windsor, On.

As you know, or if you are not aware... Windsor is flat.

One of the most beautiful things about London, are the trails and forests.

I have run in Komoka trails since I moved here, as well as my children, and other family and friends.

My daughter Lanni Marchant would use Komoka to train for cross country and track and field.

She just raced the 10k and 46 hours later, the Marathon at the Rio Olympics , representing Canada and London, Ontario proudly. 🇨🇦

Now you have basically closed the park. Parking fees? Really?
Not sure who this helps, certainly not the public .

I raised 7 children on my own, in London, without child support. They have all become incredible athletes , my oldest was on the National Team with Skate Canada in singles and pairs. My second youngest graduated last year In a Masters Program at University of Detroit Mercy, on a full scholarship in track and field.

And then now Lanni, an Olympian.

They all ran in the Komoka trails.

I'm glad to have enjoyed the trail before you did this. I can't afford to run there now. Now I have 5 grandchildren who will not be able to enjoy the park and trails.

What will other families do?

This is sad beyond words.

You should reconsider this decision .


Mary Lou M.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

When will they ever learn? Don't invite us over!!

Eric's home after having the Soiled Sport Trail Runners over after a run on Saturday

The wrecking crew.
Eric after kicking out the last of the trail  runners.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bound for Rio

GO Lani GO
Marylou and daughter are Rio bound to cheer on her daughter Lani who is running the 10,000  and the marathon for Team Canada.
As you can see Play Dirty...Run Trails is on all the best runners vehicles.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Wednesday Evening Trail Location Change

New Trail Location as of August 1, 2016
Due to the recent closure of the free use of Komoka Trails, we here at Soiled Sport have decided to move the Wednesday evening trail run to a new location, Kains 'West' Trail.
Please note that on Wednesday evenings we will start at the trail  entrance off of Westdell Bourne Road. This location has ample road side parking and easy access to the west end of the Kains Wood trails. Please note the map above to orientate yourself if you are directionaly challenged.
With its location only a km from the Komoka trail, it will still allow you the same travel time to navigate the road construction you have already been accustomed to.
Please note the start/finish is NOT at Warbler Woods as we do on Saturday morning runs.
If you have not called or e-mailed Ms.Card at Parks Ontario about the recent pay to park when using the Komoka trails, I hope you will take the few minutes to do so. Her contact info is in the last weeks blog post listed below. 
Let's at least go down swinging.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ontario.....Yours to RECOVER

As of August 1,2016 the park will now be charging for parking at the two new parking lots equipped with the latest in money gobbling technology. Yes a mere $5.75 for up to two (2) hours of parking.
You are paying for parking, not for use of the park. 
You may be wondering why.
By paying for parking at the meter and displaying your ticket in your window, they only have to have the enforcement officer lurk around the parking lot waiting for you to enjoy the park a little longer than you paid for. Then will write you a ticket.
But if they were to have you pay for use of the park, the park enforcement would have to get out of their vehicle and be on the trails to insure you have paid for your use. 
I have contacted the Ontario Parks people to express my concern and did get a reply. 
Please read the following and if you are as peeved off at one more nickle and dime of taxation of something our taxes pay for in the first place, please respond to the contact person listed.
Hi Larry,

Thank you for your email regarding Komoka Provincial Park, we appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns.

Komoka Provincial Park now receives an estimated annual visitation of over 90,000. Due to this high volume of visitors Ontario Parks made the decision to install a pay and display machine to recover the cost of maintaining the parking lots, privies, and ongoing maintenance. The fee for the Pay and Display machine is $5.75 per vehicle for two hours.

It may interest you to know that the Ontario Parks system is largely funded through user fees. The money that visitors pay for services in Ontario Parks stays in Ontario Parks. All park revenues are deposited into a Special Purpose Account (SPA) and are used to offset the cost of operating the provincial parks system. In 2015, Ontario Parks operated at over 85 per cent self-sufficiency.

Ontario Parks is committed to providing world-class recreational opportunities for our visitors at reasonable and competitive prices. Park fees are reviewed annually; we also compare our fees with other park organizations, including other provinces and private operators that offer similar services and find that our fees do compare favourably. Fees are approved through Treasury Board and the legislative authority for Ontario Parks is the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act and the Financial Administration Act.

This decision to initiate self-serve collection of fees within Komoka Provincial Park is consistent with the park management plan.  The park management plan was developed between 2001 and 2010 and included several opportunities for public and Indigenous consultation.  All comments and input received during consultation were taken into consideration in the development of the final plan which was released in May 2010.  The Komoka park management plan can be found on Ontario Parks website.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding Komoka Provincial Park please contact Rhonda Card, Park Superintendent at (519) 874-4691 or

Again, thank you for writing and I hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the outdoor health benefits that our provincial parks have to offer.


Ontario Parks