Friday, May 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taking the fast track to looking good naked.

It also makes you sing better, smarter and irresistible to the opposite sex.

We have had just about every kind of weather in the previous six Saturday runs. 
This Saturday, April 30th is at Medaway trails and it should be in full bloom since our last run there when it was freezing cold and covered in snow.

Don't forget the first Saturday in June we will be doing the Elgin Trail from St. Thomas to Port Stanley. This will require some logistical planning so I will send out an e-mail soon asking who is planning to partake.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Soiled Sport Trail  Running 2016

You will be a Champion, because you will suffer.

Our motto:
  • No Charge
  • No Support
  • No Sympathy
Ok, so I try to make it sound so 'mocho' but in fact it is all about the experience of running with some pretty amazing individuals of all caliber who help keep this a fun and motivated group.
I say this because at coffee after last Saturdays trail run at Medway, Barb, Kevin and myself were talking about some of the great things we have had to pry out of some of our runners. From personal best times and distances and especially what they have done outside of the sport of trail running. 
So, I encourage you to come out and run some beautiful trails we have in and around London, with a group of runners who will keep you challenged and inspired.
Also, we will be adding some road trip worthy trails as well, like St.Thomas to Port Stanley and possibly Wildwood in St. Marys.

Remember always carry water, bring dry clothes and a change of shoes so you can join the post run coffee group, to talk dirt on whoever does not show up... or Eric Magni at any time.

See you at run #1 at Meadowlilly Trail

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running

Not saying that this resembles any one in the Soiled Sport trail running group.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The only shoe lace knot a trail runner should ever need!

With freezing temperatures and numb fingers there is one thing you gotta hate..... is your trail running shoe laces coming undone when running or so frozen you cant get them untied when you are finished.
The Swiss Knot will be your 'go to' knot for all your shoes from now on, as you will love how easy it is and they never come undone when running and with a simple tug, unties when it's time to get those frozen blocks off your feet.
This knot has been given the three thumbs up by our Texas tornado, Richard D.

Champagne and Mars Bar Trail Run

Booze and chocolate always brings a big crowd even when it is cold and raining

Dave explaining to Eric how 'nice pants' attracts women

Barb showing off her 'kiss of death' shirt for the Blue Jays

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hillbilly Aid Station @ Vulture Bait

We here at Vulture Bait Race HQ are SHOCKED...Yes... Shocked
that some miss guided people would do this!!
The VBTR race directors send out an apology to the poor runners who were duped into consuming non race approved liquids at this make shift aid station. 

The real aid station